Transformer Testing

The Power Transformer Subcommittee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE) representing both manufacture's and users, has established and documented standard transformer test procedures. These test procedures are described in the American National Standards Institute, (ANSI) Standard ANSI C57.12.90 for liquid filled transformers and C57.12.91 for dry type transformers. General requirements are documented in ANSI C57.12.00 and C57.12.01 respectively. Additional information is documented in the National Electrical Manufacturers' Association (NEMA) Standards Publication No. TR-1.

Our testing capabilities include:
  • Resistance (DLRO)
  • Ratio
  • Polarity and Phase Relation
  • No-load Losses
  • Excitation Current
  • Impedance Voltage
  • Load Losses
  • Induced Voltage
  • Insulation Resistance (Megger)
  • Oil Dielectric
  • Transformer Tank Pressure Test
  • Doble Power Factor
  • Up to 50 KV Hypot

*For further information on transformer testing, Greenville Transformer Company’s sales or design engineers can be contacted or reference can be made to the National Standards noted.

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