Save time and money with a coil rewind!

In certain cases, transformer inoperability is a result of a failed coil due to an external cause, such as a lightning strike, moisture or some other contaminant in the tank. While the coil has failed, everything else is viable and can be reused, including the core, tank, head frame and bushings.

In the event of a coil failure, Greenville Transformer fully inspects your transformer to determine winding material and to quote a cost. From there, our skilled technicians will:

  • Disassemble the coil
  • Reverse engineer to determine coil size, voltage, and kVA
  • Design, wind and install the new coil
  • Perform a full electrical test
  • Recondition your transformer, including bushings, gauges and cabinet down to a new coat of paint

Coil rewinds are more time-efficient, with lead times as quick as four to six weeks, compared to the 14 to 16 weeks it takes to build new. It also provides a more turnkey re-installation process with NO added work at your job site.

Coil rewind is also ideal for off-the-shelf retrofits.

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